about a girl.

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The name is Taylor, and this is my little haven. Here you will find my wandering heart exposed…lessons learned, life lived, what makes my heart happy and all that I find along the way. It will be a place full of adventure (in even the little things), discovery, family, friendship, recipes, my obsession with pretty things//pretty places and what lies within this head and heart of mine throughout the days as I navigate this life and world.

I am a current college senior within the big city of Los Angeles studying communication. I am in love with my Jesus. My hope is for Him to be at the heart and center of my these posts, that through my words/experiences His truth is exposed and a glimpse of His heart.

My heart is made full by acai bowls, nicknames, harry potter, the sound//smell of rain, the outdoors, snow covered mountains, dancing barefoot, those simple moments that mean so much and make you feel alive, the sound of hiking boots while well..hiking, cliff edged beaches, fresh cut flowers, being young and adventurous, fog, pizza, fires, the night sky, early brisk mornings, mild sarcasm, seasons, polaroid pictures, baking//cooking, twinkle lights, mason jars, mexican food, music that makes me feel, cozy places, being daring, morning runs, quaint mountain and beach towns, peanut butter, the holidays, fresh fruit, yoga, feeling alive, sunsets & sunrises, time at home, time with loved ones {especially my family}, & my sweet pup Koa

Thanks for stoping by, come by any time ❤

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