a love letter.

“your parents had you and took care of you. they raised you up. they hopefully loved you, and maybe even loved you well…but they did not choose you.

your siblings may be best friends and love you fiercely…but they did not choose you.

your friends and your significant other may choose time and time again to love you. but not in the way I did and do.

only I mindfully and without doubt or hesitation chose you. because I did not just choose you…I carefully, artfully and lovingly created you. I made you. I made you who you are and the way you are. I chose to create you. and oh, how I love you.

no one loves you as I do, because no one made you or chose to make you as I did. no one knows you down to your every fiber in you and the makeup of who you are as I do. How could I not adoringly love and delight in you.

I made you

I made you

I made you.

and I would do it time and time again.

Oh my child, how I adore you. how fierce fierce my love is for you.

for me it isn’t a choice of ‘do I love you’. it is the truth, it is fact..always. it is unavoidable,  unchanging, unwavering…constant.

I created you. I know you. & I love you. always.”

-Your Father, your creator, your ultimate lover


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One response to “a love letter.

  1. Maureen Morris

    Lovely. It blessed me!

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